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Corpse Party Book Of Shadows Soundtrack

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This is quoted from member, Ajogamer: "It takes place right after the Look back/ Don't Look back choice; you'll just need to choose "Don't look. Commercial, Enclosure (CD) published by 5pb. Inc on Sep 01, containing original soundtrack from Corpse Party: Book of Shadows. I was searching for track titles for the BoS soundtrack and found the Corpse Party: Book of Shadows, which was released for the PSP on.

Track listing for the soundtrack included in Corpse Party: Blood Drive Everafter Edition

Blood Covered also includes several characters from other schools who are also trapped inside Heavenly Host and affect the story. The red ghost is re-envisioned as a young child named Sachiko Shinozaki who kills the students of Heavenly Hosts in anger over her and her mother's murder.

Book of Shadows[ edit ] A sequel to Blood Covered, Book of Shadows features a series of nonlinear chapters that add new twists and backgrounds for various characters and details important to the storyline. The game mostly takes place during the same time the first game did, continuing from one of the "wrong ends" in Corpse Party, where Sachiko sends the Kisaragi Academy students back in time.

For this purpose, she erases their memories except for Satoshi's. He tries in a desperate attempt to dissuade his classmates from performing the charm, but he joins them, not wanting to let them go alone, sending them on alternative course of actions and encountering several supporting victims in Heavenly Host. The game's prologue, Blood Drive, serves as the set up to the eponymous sequel.

Two weeks after escaping Heavenly Host, Ayumi and Naomi go to investigate the Shinozaki estate, Sachiko's birthplace, believing there is hope in reviving their dead friends since Naho and Kou Kibiki's existences were not erased like the other victims. At the estate, Ayumi discovers that she is of the same lineage as Sachiko. Hearing an eerie voice, Ayumi uncovers a magical tome known as the Book of Shadows.

Ayumi and Naomi perform a resurrection spell for Mayu, but fail.

As compensation for using black magic, the book unleashes its rage upon Ayumi until her older sister Hinoe Shinozaki rushes in and saves Ayumi, at the cost of her own life. Sweet Sachiko's Hysteric Birthday Bash[ edit ] On the day of Sachiko's birth and death, the curse on her weakens and she gets 24 hours to celebrate her birthday as someone closer to the girl she was before her death.

She uses the timeloops as established in Corpse Party: Book of Shadows to force all survivors at that point to participate in activities she has set up. Given it's either that or die horribly again, something all are aware that they've already experienced but can't remember in full, they go along with her demands. The game features almost all characters from the previous games and some new ones.

While a pseudo-horror spin-off at best, it is part of the storyline, setting up a few details to prepare for Corpse Party: Blood Drive. As with Corpse Party: Book of Shadows, there is only one extra chapter. This extra chapter takes place during the previous game and is more conventional horror.

The characters are depicted in 3D chibi style, however traditional CG artwork appears during cutscenes, illustrated by Sakuya Kamishiro. The Shinozaki estate and tome subsequently vanish without a trace.

Ayumi had been severely ill for her misuse of the Book of Shadows' black magic. In the hospital, a woman claiming to be a spiritual associate of Hinoe's visits Ayumi. This woman belongs to the Wiccan Institute, an organization that worships spirits.

She tells her Hinoe's last wish, which is to regain the Book of Shadows or the world will fall into the abyss. This is partially a lie, as the woman is under threat of other organizations to get Ayumi to find the book, which they wish to use for their own gain. Of course not playing down the significant work the creators did for the anime, the show features tracks both original and inspired from the game.

The soundtrack itself is great and really makes you think about the events of Corpse Party long after you've finished watching it. Opening The opening track is probably the most significant track for all anime.

It helps create hype and anticipation for the episode. It's also a way to preview the events that will happen later on.

Corpse Party's opening track makes a good use of choir and an orchestra rendered in such a way that's both mystical and somehow dread-filled. The voices are great and the mixture of a rock feel makes it sound like the song can stand on its own even without the anime pairing.

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The fact that it's paired makes it even more impactful. Overall Track Impact If you listen in to the background tracks in the anime, you'll notice a similarity with the music treatment from the opening track. From the first time the students step into Heavenly Host, you get this feeling of mystery and horror, a feeling that's somehow something's lurking in each corner.

The show does a great job of using synthetic music along with the deep tones of the piano. Mix this in with background music resembling that of voices and ghosts and you've got great atmospheric music. There are different tracks that relate to different scenarios in the anime.Game Over. After completing the album, the duo resolved to make something more of Discovery and the result was Interstella, one of the top animated films of and one of the most unique movies of all time.

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So, grab you PSP or Vita you can even import your save game from the first game and receive a few goodies and enjoy one of probably most underrated games. Dreadful Darkness 1: Remains 1: Corpse Party: Book of Shadows video games to download To Fight Destiny 3: With an OST that features more than 60 tracks, Corpse Party is definitely something that's been put a lot of effort on. Unmei no Sentaku.

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