Salesforce Interview Questions and Answers What are the What is the maximum size of the PDF generated on visualforce attribute renderAs? 15MB. 26 . Top 50 Salesforce Interview Questions and Answers Pdf, You can crack the interview to achieve your Provide Tutorial Videos Scenario. Top 50 Salesforce Apex Interview Questions and Answers Pdf, for You to crack your interview and to achieve your Technologies Provide Tutorial.

Salesforce Interview Questions And Answers Pdf

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SalesForce Interview Questions | Advanced Technical Topics | For freshers If you're looking for Salesforce Interview Questions and Answers for Q89) What is the maximum size of the PDF generated on visualforce attribute renderAs?. Salesforce is a CRM delivered as a software-as-a-service (SaaS). Top 23 Salesforce Interview Questions & Answers . Download PDF. Salesforce Developer interview questions and answers are useful to attend job .. What Is The Maximum Size Of The Pdf Generated On 'visualforce Attribute.

Yes, in Salesforce we can code the getter method to get the value of a variable to visual force pages while the setter method to set the value of that specific variable.

Apex is an object-oriented programming language. It helps you to execute flow statement and transaction control Salesforce servers with the help of an API.

Apex also allows Salesforce developers to add business logic into their programming code. It can be referred in a Visualforce page. The operations are mostly DML operations which are responsible for querying records. These operations are may be successful, or an error occurs in saving a single record.

Top 50 Salesforce Interview Questions and Answers Pdf

At that time, the entire transaction is rolled back. It only returned those records which are yet to be saved to the database. Here, the sObject list is only available in insert and update triggers.

Moreover, the records can only be modified in before triggers. Roll-up summary displays the count of child records and allows you to calculate the sum, minimum and maximum of fields of the child records.

Salesforce Developer Interview Questions And Answers For Experienced

Role is record level access which is not mandatory for all usage while the profile is object and field level access and which is mandatory for all users.

Answer Yes user can upload their custom logo in documents and then they choose that logo for organization. Salesforce Interview Questions and Answers Question List things that can be customized on page layouts? We can also create sections. Answer Self Relationship is a lookup relationship to the same object. Here we can create relationship in between the Account to Account same object object. Question Answer Record level access is determined by the parent, Mandatory on child for reference of parent, cascade delete if you delete the parent, it can cascade delete the child.

What is the difference between trigger and workflow? Answer Workflow — Workflow is automated process that fired an action based on Evaluation criteria and rule criteria.

We can access a workflow across the object. We cannot perform DML operation on workflow We cannot query from database Trigger — Trigger is a piece of code that executes before or after a record is inserted or updated.

We can access the trigger across the object and related to that objects We can use 20 DML operations in one trigger. What is Wrapper class?

Salesforce Developer Interview Questions & Answers

Answer A Wrapper class is a class whose instances are collection of other objects. It is used to display different objects on a Visual Force page in same table. Salesforce Interview Questions on Triggers Question We can perform DML operation on query results. We can query only on fields whose data type is text,phone and Email.

We can use in calsses but not in Triggers. We cannot perform DML operation on search result Question What is difference insert and database.

Answer Using insert method we can insert the records but if any error occurs in any record system will throw an error insertion fail and none of the records are inserted. If we want to execute partially success of bulk insert operation we will use database.

What are Static Resources? Answer Using Static Resources we can upload images, zip files, jar files, java script and CSS files that can be referred in a visual force page. The maximum size of Static Resources for an organization is mB.

How to call javascript using Static Resource in Visual Force page? What is sharing rule? Answer If we want to give the access to other users we use sharing rules. How many ways we can share a record? Answer Role Hierarchy: If we add a user to a role, the user is above in the role hierarchy will have read access.

OWD: Defines the base line setting for the organization. We can see this button detail page of the record and this is visible only when OWD setting is private.

Criteria Based Sharing rules: If we want to share records based on condition like share records to group of users Whose criteria are country is India. If we want to share the records using apex we have to create a record to the share object.What is Trend Report? It contains the same functionality and logic that are used for standard Salesforce pages. Salesforce Integration Interview Questions.

Answer If user have only Read access on particular record but he wants to change the owner name of that record, then in profile level Transfer Record enables he can able to change the owner.

Top 20 salesforce developer interview questions and answers.

The detail record must be related to the master through a master-detail relationship. What does each refer to?

Cloud Service Providers are those who provide cloud services to the business and customers or consumers.

Static allowed only in outer class. If i want Object level accesses then what should i use from Salesforce security model? Additional notes:

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