A CV, short form of curriculum vitae, is similar to a resume. It is a written summary of your academic qualifications, skill sets and previous work experience which. Basic Curriculum Vitae Example. Basic Curriculum Vitae Format. basic curriculum vitae format1 Details. File Format. PDF. Size: 6 KB. Download. Create & Personalize your CV template within a few seconds and get your The CV templates generated by will be available in a PDF format.

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TEMPLATE. PRESENTED BY. CBS CAREER CENTRE. Name | Address | Phone Number | E-mail. Curriculum Vitae Name. Age: Nationality: PROFILE. Free good looking templates for creating cv online. Choose one to Choose your Curriculum Vitae template PDF Resume template fancy_blues_wide. The full CV is only used when applying for academic positions in four-year Format can vary by field, so also seek disciplinary-specific advice from advisers.

Your professional skills ā€” Are you sales person with talents in lead generation and relationship building? Or are you a data analyst with skills in reporting and number crunching? Your qualifications ā€” Are you degree educated?

Do you have any specialist vocational qualifications? Do you help companies save money?

31+ CV Format Templates

Do you provide support to colleagues and customers? Keep the profile brief to give readers a quick understanding of what you do ā€” save the detail for your work experience. If you are an experienced candidate, the bulk of your CV should consist of your work experience.

Your roles should be listed from current to oldest, with lots of detail in recent roles, and less details in dated roles.

Your recent roles need to be well structured so that recruiters and hiring managers can skim read them and digest the information they need.

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Start with an outline to build some quick context for readers, showing them who the employer is, and what the overall goal of your role is. Then bullet point your responsibilities to demonstrate your input into the role, whilst displaying as many important skills and abilities as you can. Round the role off with some notable key achievements to show employers what impact you have made in the role.

Bonus tip: Quantify your achievements with facts and figure to prove how valuable your input has been. Your education should be listed towards the end of your CV, simply listing your most relevant qualifications. If you are an experienced candidate, you can keep this section short because recruiters will be giving your work experience more attention.

On top of your exam grades, it can be helpful to include modules, projects and positions of responsibility taken up within school. If you have a technical role, such as a developer or electrician , you can also add a technical skills section. Hobbies and interests are an optional section which can help you to demonstrate skills gained outside of your work and education.

Check out my video on CV hobbies which will tell you if you should add hobbies to your CVā€¦. Hopefully this guide and example CV have given you a good idea on how to write your own CV.

Above all, remember to create a pleasant reading experience which quickly explains why you are suitable for the roles you are applying to. If you can do this effectively, you will get plenty of responses from your applications, and should be able to land the interviews you need.

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Then you should write about the skills you possess that will help you with various aspects of the job you are applying for. You should also mention any awards and honors you have received.

If you are interested or looking for a job in the field of research or academics then you can make use of this sample CV template to create your own CV. If you are a fresher, a recent college graduate or you lack work experience and are looking to get a job then this sample CV template will be useful for you in creating your CV.

If you are a medical student and looking for a job in your field then you can build you CV by taking the reference of this sample student CV template. This is another sample CV template that will be of great use for recent college graduates in making their CV by taking the sample as a reference for applying for jobs in various fields.

Fresher CV Format

The professional details of your resume describe your technical aspects, but your personal statement gives an insight into you as a person. You should write about different aspects of your personality which make you the right candidate for the job.

This should include various traits which will help you in handling various pressures you would feel during your job.

Traits like leadership qualities are important for managerial positions and therefore should be mentioned in detail when applying for such posts. You should also write about why you are applying for the particular post and what you hope to achieve if you are accepted for the job.

How to Download Your PDF CV

You can also see Resume Samples. Resume formats are useful tools which can be of great help in making free resumes.

Sample CV templates can be of great help in writing an impressive CV.The focus on your modern Curriculum Vitae CV template should be on your achievements during your work at the previous Companies and your impact on the overall performance.

Bonus tip: Quantify your achievements with facts and figure to prove how valuable your input has been. Listing your education Your education should be listed towards the end of your CV, simply listing your most relevant qualifications.

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