A Map of the World book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. One unremarkable June morning, Alice Goodwin is, as usual, tr. From the author of the widely acclaimed The Book of Ruth comes a harrowing, heartbreaking drama about a rural American family and a disastrous event that. Get personalized recommendations and earn points toward a free book! "Jane Hamilton has removed all doubts that she belongs among the major writers of our time." —The New York Times"Hamilton’s chillingly accurate prose keeps her fine novel buoyant.

A Map Of The World Book

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A Map of the World () is a novel by Jane Hamilton. It was the Oprah's Book Club selection for December It was made into a movie released in Booksellers should send up three cheers of greeting for this haunting second novel by the author of The Book of Ruth, a beautifully developed and written story. Summary and reviews of A Map of The World by Jane Hamilton, plus links to a book excerpt from A Map of The World and author biography of Jane Hamilton.

As a child, she found she could climb out of her depression by creating a map of an imaginary world where loss, despair and unreasonable tragedy didn't happen -- or, at worst, happened to other people.

Now, at 32, Alice hopes she's set such childish notions aside. She is married to Howard, a taciturn, hard-working Wisconsin dairy farmer who lovingly tends the barn but can't summon the energy to repair the dilapidated farmhouse he and Alice share with their two young daughters.

The Goodwins swim in their pond, drink fresh milk and eat raw vegetables; in the farm, Alice and Howard believe they have found a source of emotional strength. But this dream of a Midwestern Arcadia is destroyed when Alice is faced with not one but two crises. First, after she inadvertently leaves the children unattended, her best friend's 2-year-old daughter drowns in the pond.

Soon thereafter, Alice is arrested; among the charges are three counts of sexual abuse, brought on behalf of students at the elementary school where she works as a nurse. We know she's innocent, but in the rural Wisconsin community of Prairie Center, where owning a farm for six years still leaves Alice and Howard regarded as arriviste yuppies, she is as good as convicted. To make matters worse, the judge sets an impossibly high bail.

Alice is forced to remain in prison while awaiting her trial. In the passages that precede Alice's incarceration, Ms.

Hamilton's rendering of her heroine's depressed condition is so obsessively dark and tortured that it verges on the lugubrious. When Alice is finally locked up, she is so far gone that she doesn't care if a jury finds her guilty. At this point, Ms.

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Hamilton shifts the focus of the narrative to Alice's husband, Howard. Stalwart, strengthened by hard labor and an almost mystical love of the land, he becomes furiously dedicated to saving Alice.

As the novel follows his efforts, it abruptly turns astonishingly suspenseful. Will truth, justice and caustic cross-examinations by Alice's defense lawyer, Paul Rafferty, triumph in the courtroom?

A Map of the World Summary & Study Guide

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The Monocle Travel Guide Series. Sale Voucher. The World According to Illustrators and Storytellers. Add to Cart.

Description Details Shipping info. Maps help us understand and navigate the world. The result is a piercing drama about family bonds and a disappearing rural American life.

This book was first published in I used to think if you fell from grace it was more likely than not the result of one stupendous error, or else an unfortunate accident. I hadn't learned that it can happen so gradually you don't lose your stomach or hurt yourself in the landing.

You don't necessarily sense the motion. I've found it takes at least two and generally three things to alter the course of a life: You slip around the truth once, and then again, and one more time, and there you are, feeling, for a moment, that it was sudden, your arrival at the bottom of the heap.

I opened my eyes on a Monday morning in June last summer and I heard, somewhere far off, a siren belting out calamity. It was the last time I would listen so simply to a sound that could mean both disaster and pursuit.

Book of maps by storytellers and artists

Emma and Claire were asleep and safe in their beds, and my own heart seemed to be beating regularly. If the barn was out the window, clean, white, the grass cropped as close as a golf course, the large fan whirring Write your own review!

The Driest Season. About this book. With wisdom and grit, Kenny has fashioned a deeply affecting story of a young woman discovering loss, heartache, and - finally - hope. Half a Life. More books by this author.

Half a Life is a nakedly honest, ultimately hopeful examination of guilt, responsibility, and living with the past. Reader Reviews.You can unsubscribe at any time. The circumstances are tragic in both of these books, yet it does make me wonder how a small misstep or error in judgement can result in so much going wrong.

As a child, she found she could climb out of her depression by creating a map of an imaginary world where loss, despair and unreasonable tragedy didn't happen -- or, at worst, happened to other people.

A M36 Plot summary[ edit ] The book is concerned with how one seemingly inconsequential moment can alter lives forever.

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