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kids, Elisheva, Sarah, Eliyahu, and. Toby, for their short life, he is allowed to eat as much The Unofficial Harry Pot Kali Linux This Pin was discovered by Shanmuganathan Kadirvel. Discover (and save) your own Pins on Pinterest. Title Cassandra High Performance Cookbook; Author(s) Edward Capriolo; Publisher: Packt Publishing (July 15, ); Paperback pages; ebook PDF.

Often times a specific dish is made only on a specific holiday -- once a year.

We spend more time over the gathering, preparation, and consumption of food that we do over any other aspect of a holiday. The culinary threads weave us into the tapestry of the past. Any book about our foods must be a tribute to our ancestors. Once I realized this, I had to research how we fit into the culinary experience of Tuscany and how Tuscan foods fit into what Americans called Italian cooking.

I had contacted a university press and they offered me a contract but I had to decline it. I had spent three years full-time on the project. Although they were generous by university press standards, their offer was too meager.

You cannot eat porchetta on that. I know the ropes. I wrote a contract for my mother and my cousin. I hired an editor and completed the editorial process.

City of Lost Souls

I got an ISBN. I registered with copyright. I got estimates from three printers. I did the layout.

I hired an artist for the cover, another for the interior line drawings. I checked out the competition at the local bookstores.

If you order 10, copies of a book, you should sell them within a year or two. This figure holds only for a standard 6x9 book. Whatever the unit cost, you multiply by eight to get the retail price of the book which must be competitive on the market. We printed 6,, what we could afford and sell in two years.

For pricing, 2x8 is I began the promotion while the book was in final production. I mailed promo copied to newspapers in the US.

Food editors receive dozens of books a day and independent publishers are lost among the giants. On a local level, I followed up the mailing with a telephone call. We were in Pittsburgh Magazine and most local newspapers another mailing of The biggest plum in our area is the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

The stodgy Gazette does not write about self-published authors and offers limited coverage to local small presses very stupid, the Post Gazette. I was lucky; the food editor did an article on community cookbooks and included mine.

She was very kind.

I also launched a pre-publication mail order campaign. This I mailed to family, friends, and Italians in and around our hometown. If you mail flyers, you will get one order. It was terrific and helped me pay the printer. I did this every couple of months. I got the yellow pages for Allegheny and Westmoreland counties and simple went through them name by name, adding every Italian sounding name to the mailing list. I got a ton of orders.

It was a bonanza. I got to keep the full amount of the book by eliminating the distributors and bookstores. The minute I stopped promoting, sales plummeted. I am still promoting, but on a limited basis. What have I learned from all of this? A lot! For instance, I believe Italian Americans are not Italians.

Apache Cassandra

We are Italian Americans and there is a difference which widens with each generation. For the most part, Italian immigrants arriving in America odd years ago brought regional Italian manners, customs, dialects, and foodways with them.

For most, life was easier in America and they could have quickly discarded the time consuming traditions. Many did not. They maintained their food patterns because food helped define them and forge their ethnic and regional identity in an alien land. The garden could have been discarded, but it was not.

Where would they get cardoons? The maialatura was no longer necessary; yet, who would give up salami, prosciutto, and sausage? Italians wanted things Italian to eat, and they wanted them from their own region. Eventually, the Italian food on our table in southwestern Pennsylvania represented the food cooked in Tuscany around We preserved the traditions that accompany the foods, too. Our relatives in Italy did not have such a rigid rule.

They modernized. We did not. They simply changed some of the food traditions. We fixed them into ritual. I never find our family recipes in these cookbooks. The major cookbook publishers in the United States like Morrow and Harper Collins have never understood our identity either. They offer the ethnic cookbooks of foreign countries to ethnic America. Italian Americans download these cookbooks because that is all the market provides. They seldom find them. Frustration has created a publishing subculture.

Cassandra High Performance Cookbook.pdf

A second industry of small publishers devoted to regional topics has emerged who do recognize ethnic differences and produce books like mine.

In addition, there are specialized publishers who deal exclusively in community and church cookbooks. None hit the bookstore market. They are too expensive to produce, are priced without considering distributor discounts, and are seldom promoted. I have learned two other things: many scholars do not take the study of food and foodways seriously, and those who do are defining Italian-American food patterns as we once defined world history, in Anglo-Saxon terms.

The use of the term gravy was new to me, and I wanted feedback from other experts in Italian-American studies.

At first, a healthy discussion began. But then, a subscriber expressed contempt and amusement that such a "trivial" issue was under discussion. Throw a meatball out and they come out of the woodwork. When I read the first entry on the subject last week, I also thought it was somewhat silly.

Unquestionably, there are a great many serious subjects we can, and should, be discussing as a concerned and interested faction of our distinct cultural group. Get unlimited access to videos, live online training, learning paths, books, tutorials, and more.

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Get the best out of Cassandra using this efficient recipe bank Configure and tune Cassandra components to enhance performance Deploy Cassandra in various environments and monitor its performance Well illustrated, step-by-step recipes to make all tasks look easy! In Detail Apache Cassandra is a fault-tolerant, distributed data store which offers linear scalability allowing it to be a storage platform for large high volume websites.

How it works There's more See also Reading and writing test data using the command-line interface How to do it Running multiple instances on a single machine How to do it Scripting a multiple instance installation How to do it Setting up a build and test environment for tasks in this book Getting ready How to do it Running in the foreground with full debugging How to do it How it works There's more Choosing Initial Tokens for use with Partitioners that preserve ordering How to do it Creating a keyspace from the CLI How to do it Describing a keyspace How to do it Deleting rows and columns from the CLI How to do it Listing and paginating all rows in a column family Getting ready How to do it Dropping a keyspace or a column family How to do it CLI operations with super columns How to do it Using the assume keyword to decode column names or column values How to do it Supplying time to live information when inserting columns How to do it Using built-in CLI functions How to do it Using column metadata and comparators for type enforcement How to do it Changing the consistency level of the CLI How to do it Getting help from the CLI How to do it Loading CLI statements from a file How to do it There's more Creating a keyspace and column family from the client How to do it Using MultiGet to limit round trips and overhead How to do it Writing unit tests with an embedded Cassandra server How to do it Cleaning up data directories before unit tests Getting ready How to do it Using range scans to find and remove old data How to do it Iterating all the columns of a large key How to do it Slicing columns in reverse Getting ready How to do it Batch mutations to improve insert performance and code robustness How to do it Using TTL to create columns with self-deletion times How to do it Working with secondary indexes Getting ready How to do it Performance Tuning Introduction Choosing an operating system and distribution How to do it Choosing a Java Virtual Machine How to do it Using a dedicated Commit Log disk Getting ready How to do it File system optimization for hard disk performance Getting ready How to do it Boosting read performance with the Key Cache Getting ready How to do it Boosting read performance with the Row Cache How to do it Disabling Swap Memory for predictable performance How to do it Stopping Cassandra from using swap without disabling it system-wide Getting ready How to do it Tuning Memtables for write-heavy workloads How to do it Saving memory on 64 bit architectures with compressed pointers Getting ready How to do it Tuning concurrent readers and writers for throughput How to do it Setting compaction thresholds How to do it Garbage collection tuning to avoid JVM pauses How to do it Large memory systems See also There's more Raising the open file limit to deal with many clients How to do it Increasing performance by scaling up How to do it Consistency, Availability, and Partition Tolerance with Cassandra Introduction Working with the formula for strong consistency Getting ready How to do it Supplying the timestamp value with write requests How to do it Disabling the hinted handoff mechanism How to do it Adjusting read repair chance for less intensive data reads Getting ready How to do it Confirming schema agreement across the cluster How to do it Adjusting replication factor to work with quorum How to do it Choosing consistency over availability consistency ALL How to do it Choosing availability over consistency with write consistency ANY How to do it Demonstrating how consistency is not a lock or a transaction How to do it Schema Design Introduction Saving disk space by using small column names How to do it Serializing data into large columns for smaller index sizes How to do it Storing time series data effectively How to do it Using Super Columns for nested maps How to do it Using a lower Replication Factor for disk space saving and performance enhancements How to do it Scripting a multiple instance installation with OOP Using different hash algorithms Storing large objects How to do it Using Cassandra for distributed caching How to do it Storing large or infrequently accessed data in a separate column family How to do it Storing and searching edge graph data in Cassandra Getting ready How to do it Developing secondary data orderings or indexes Getting ready How to do it Moving a node to a specific ring location Getting ready How to do it Nodetool Remove: Removing a downed node How to do it Nodetool Decommission:How it works Stopping Cassandra from using swap without disabling it system-wide Getting ready How to do it Storing and searching edge graph data in Cassandra Getting ready How to do it I did this every couple of months.

What have I learned from all of this? Adjusting read repair chance for less intensive data reads Getting ready How to do it IT Research Library. When you sign up you'll get offers relevant to you, exclusive discounts on our hottest titles, and leading edge free content.

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