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Letter: Toronto Star Influenza Vaccine Claims Not Supported by Evidence

Welcome to the Toronto Star ePaper edition! If you are NOT a registered ePaper user, select one of the links below and follow the instructions: Subscription Pricing Options. Get familiar with all the features. LISTEN On-demand narration is a great feature for users who like to listen to their magazine while multitasking or who are visually impaired. The attenuated virus in the live influenza LAIV vaccine can shed and infect others for months after vaccination.

Both the unvaccinated and the vaccinated are at risk. This phenomenon was initially observed in Canadians in In an animal study and international reports corroborated this effect. A study by Dr.

Danuta Skowronski in Canada showed that individuals with a history of receiving consecutive seasonal influenza shots over several years had an increased risk of becoming infected with H1N1 swine flu. Geier, formerly of the National Institute of Health declares the influenza vaccine is basically an experimental vaccine every year and that there are no studies showing the safety of giving the influenza vaccine to the same person every single year.

Adult influenza vaccine injury claims are now the leading claim submitted to the U.

Federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. In recent years the influenza vaccine has been the vaccine most often requiring compensation due to injuries and death.


Of the 5 deaths compensated, 4 of them were related to the influenza vaccine. According to the report, Guillain-Barre Syndrome is the most frequent complication from the flu vaccine. Other complications include fibromyalgia, transverse myelitis, chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy, acute disseminated encephalomyelitis, and death.

As you are no doubt aware, Canada is the only G7 Nation without a vaccine injury compensation program and therefore there are no individuals compensated for vaccine injury in Canada.

A morally unjust position for a government that actively promotes vaccination. Mercury is a known neurotoxin and there is no safe limit established for injected mercury.

Toronto Star

Pandermrix was pulled from the market and the British government has paid out over 63 million pounds to cover lawsuits to Pandermrix victims. Increased Risk of Febrile Disorders The Journal of the American Medical Association reported increased risks of febrile disorders greater than placebo associated with the live influenza vaccine.

Other adverse effects include pericarditis, congenital and genetic disorders, mitochondrial encephalomyopathy or Leigh Syndrome, meningitis, and others. Unvaccinated To date there is only one gold standard clinical trial with the influenza vaccine that compares vaccinated vs.Low-income residents of a Chinatown non-profit housing complex describe wheelchair users crawling up stairs — and seniors on upper floors forced to become shut-ins.

This Hong Kong funded double-blind placebo controlled study following the health conditions of vaccinated and unvaccinated children between the ages of years for days.

Toronto Star NIE

Among the vaccinated children, there were influenza cases compared to 88 among the unvaccinated; there were other non-influenza virus infections, including rhinovirus, coxsackie, echovirus and others, among the vaccinated versus 88 with the unvaccinated.

The call was kind of hot. France was the first country to launch its Doors Open program in , followed by Glasgow in The paper did not state whether any of these methods was used in arriving at the reported estimate. According to Dr.

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